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  • Goes Great with Everything
    Instant savings: 10% Off!
Beef and Fish
Great on all cuts of beef and fish, from Sirloin to Prime Rib Roast, Tilapia to Catfish
Poultry and Pork
Grill Glitter Wings, Chicken Quarters Pork chops or Pork Loin or even Fried Turkey
Grill Glitter is great on all sides, from Asparagus to Grill Glitter Mashed Potatoes
Seafood Boils
Grill Glitter Lobster, crab or creole inspired seafood boils are elevated to another level
  • Whether you’re a pit-boss serving world class BBQ to the masses or the family grill-master cooking a perfectly seared steak at home. This will give your meals a boost from the ordinary to extraordinary. A perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy that enhances meat and fish, veggies and side dishes. Grill Glitter USR makes it easy to cook like a pro and look like a hero! Guaranteed to get flavor everywhere (even after you vacuum three or four times – joking)!

    Keith Brown

    (Grill Master)